Restaurant manager James and Hadrian Technology’s business development manager Chris Stott outside the new Oli & Joe’s branch in Ryton


Cutting edge technology tackles restaurant’s anti-social behaviour problem and prompts business growth for North East chain

When Oli & Joe’s started experiencing graffiti troubles near their Westerhope branch, they were concerned it would have a negative impact on business. Little did they know it would in fact result in the opening of a brand new branch in Ryton this month.

Late last year owner and former chef, Mr Skender Lata, who is also a partner in the region’s renowned Santana’s restaurants, was faced with a business-threatening problem. Vandals had graffitied the area surrounding his popular Italian eatery, Oli & Joe’s in Westerhope on the outskirts of Newcastle.

Having deliberately chosen the location because of its welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere, the team were fearful that customers would be deterred from visiting. Mr Lata was advised by friends to contact Sunderland CCTV experts Hadrian Technology, who specialise in security measures for the retail and leisure sectors and are the largest CCTV firm in the region.

Hadrian Technology’s business development manager, Chris Stott, suggested they install its cutting-edge CCTV system which features an app enabling the user to stream high definition CCTV footage from anywhere in the world to a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.  For Mr Lata, it turned out to be a solution to more than just the graffiti problem.

What began as a security measure quickly turned into an effective management tool that enhanced the running of the business and revolutionised Mr Lata’s work-life balance. The cutting edge technology enables business owners to virtually be in more than one place at once and offers reassurance that everything is running smoothly across multiple sites at any one time. Consequently, Mr Lata decided to install the technology in his other two restaurants. With his new found flexibility he had the resources to open a fourth restaurant in Ryton, further up the Tyne Valley.

Mr Lata commented, “There are so many benefits – when I decided to invest in security cameras I had no idea what it would lead to. I didn’t think I’d be opening a second Oli & Joe’s just two years after the first, but business keeps growing and I’m excited to see what’s to come.”

He says, “I can keep an eye on the restaurant from home and if it gets really busy I can make my way down to help out, staff are often reluctant to call you in these situations so it has proved beyond useful to have the system in place.”

Hadrian Technology’s Chris Stott commented, “Our CCTV solutions feature high definition technology, meaning that every tiny detail of what goes on in the restaurants can be seen, so Mr Lata can check how busy the restaurant is, how long customers are waiting to be served and even which dishes are most popular – all from his armchair if he wants!”

Ironically, the new restaurant is located in one of the most secure buildings there is – a refurbished bank. With his 16-strong high definition camera system however, it’s possible that it’s even more secure than ever before.