Hadrian Technology has been named an Altius Accredited company, having recently passed Altius' highly-respected vendor assessment.

Founded in 2007, Altius is a supply chain performance company offering help with everything from supplier sourcing and performance monitoring to compliance audits and vendor assessments for companies including Boots, Debenhams and Airbus UK.    

In addition to Hadrian Technology’s proven track record of working with well-known retail, leisure, hospitality and public sector companies to advise on the design, installation and maintenance of appropriate CCTV solutions and operating software, companies now have the additional assurance of competence and compliance with industry best practice via this highly-respected vendor accreditation. 

Contact us on 0191 514 0808 or drop us a line at info@hadriantechnology.co.uk if you would like to find out more about Hadrian Technology’s previous work or services.