Co-Founder Gary Trotter recently shared his recipe for growth with leading business title Northern Insight, after Hadrian Technology scooped its place in prestigious Financial Times 1000 

Speaking to the title, Gary expained that Hadrian Technology's passion for innovation and cutting-edge technology, along with its ambition to provide innovative yet truly efficient, cost effective CCTV systems has been the catalyst of its success. 

Commenting on the company’s growth, Gary said: “Many people still have quite an outdated view of the CCTV industry. We all have that perception of having to sit and watch hours of grainy footage to identify an incident. However, with the acceleration of camera technology and the emergence of state-of-the-art analytical software, operating systems are both easy-to-use and can offer valuable business intelligence and analytics, including off-site monitoring, people counting and identification and heat mapping.”

One North East businesses to have benefited from Hadrian Technology’s expertise is Hardwick Hall Hotel – one of the North East’s best known entertainment venues – after Hadrian Technology’s team of expert engineers were appointed to revamp the venue’s outdated CCTV and replace it with cutting edge technology. In response, the team pioneered a revolutionary technology that cleverly converts digital camera signals allowing them to run over previously installed co-axial cables before decoding the signals at the other end. The innovation enabled them to transform the hotel’s camera system from analogue to one of the most advanced, high-definition digital offerings on the market in only a matter of weeks.

Its introduction prevented the disruption of ripping out and replacing significant amounts of cabling and future-proofed the system. The venue can now phase in additional high definition cameras and continue to upgrade their systems over time in an affordable way, something that would have previously been impossible to achieve.

Looking to the future, Gary commented: “We are looking forward to continuing to grow our business – both in the UK and overseas – as the use of CCTV for business intelligence becomes more widespread. As we continue to expand, we are actively looking to harness new technologies to enable us to offer cloud-based storage software and hardware solutions that will enable clients across multiple sectors, including retail, leisure, and hospitality, to more effectively identify and defend fraudulent slips, trips and falls claims.”

To read more, visit the June issue of Northern Insight: