Hadrian Technology Co-Founder, Gary Trotter, has been profiled in The Journal's Business Interview discussing the company's shortlisting as one of the UK's fastest growing companies and how the adoption of HD technology has led to surprise new use for CCTV.

Speaking to The Journal, Gary discusses how the introduction of HD CCTV has not only provided businesses with better quality images but has also enabled Hadrian Technology to effectively support businesses and organisations to defend against fake insurance claims. Fraudulent slips, trips and falls are currently estimated to cost UK businesses approximately £800m in compensation claims each year

Gary explained: "We started speaking to our clients and identifying a real unique selling position in the way we can use this technology. It allows clients to use the high quality images to help defend against false slips, trips and fall claims, which was quite unique." 

He continued: "What tends to happen is you don't have your loss prevention people - who might look at sotck loss - speaking to a finance department who actually deal with insurance claims. The two departments never tend to meet. By the time we get the two people talking together we can identify losses. it turned out one of our bigge4st clients was paying out in execess of £10m a year on these claims." 

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