Hadrian Technology Co-Founder, Gary Trotter recently shared his thoughts on the changing role of CCTV for hospitality businesses with Hotel Owner, the leading b2b title for the UK hotel industry. 


Speaking to Hotel Owner, Gary explained that whilst CCTV has long been regarded as one of the most prominent crime-prevention tools available to the sector, the potential for CCTV systems to offer valuable insight into business performance and customer behaviour remains overlooked. 


With the availability of ever-more powerful cameras and the emergence of state-of-the-art video analytics, such as off-site monitoring, people counting and identification or heat mapping, the potential for CCTV to be harnessed for business intelligence is very much a reality.


However, out of date technology continues to hamper many hotel businesses. Whilst new systems can allow hotel owners to access high definition images, advanced search functions and remote viewing via a laptop, mobile or tablet, the reality for many hotel owners and managers is having to watch hours of grainy footage in the hope of being able to identify a single incident.


Over the last year, Hadrian Technology has been working with a number of leading North East hotels to revamp outdated CCTV systems and replace them with cutting edge technology. In many cases, the existing cameras have been installed over a number of years, leading to a complex and often confusing mix of cables and wiring that would take months to remove and replace, something that just isn’t practical in a busy hotel setting.


In response, Hadrian Technology is using a revolutionary new technology to cleverly convert digital camera signals allowing them to run over previously installed co-axial cables before decoding the signals at the other end. The innovation enables the transformation of a camera system from analogue to one of the most advanced, high-definition digital offerings on the market in only a matter of weeks – preventing the need to rip out and replace significant amounts of cabling. 


To find out more about Gary's thoughts on the use of CCTV in the hospitality sector, please visit: https://www.hotelowner.co.uk/11450-the-changing-role-of-cctv-in-the-hotel-business/