With the New Year fast approaching, leading security title PSI Magazine polished its crystal ball and spoke to leading voices in the industry, including Hadrian Technology’s very own Business Development Manager, Chris Stott to get their thoughts on what lies ahead for us in 2019…

“It’s estimated that by the end of 2019, more than 3.3 trillion hours of CCTV footage will be captured daily. As an industry we’ve already made good progress in video analytics, but unless features and benefits deliver real value for the end user, they remain little more than a distraction.

“Increasingly our customers are looking to unlock genuine business intelligence from their CCTV footage, and we as an industry need to focus on delivering features and analytics that provide real return on investment. With increased content will also come an increased demand for sustainable and cost-effective storage – in the last eighteen months, we’ve already seen the launch of the first fully-managed Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) system, and I think in 2019 we will see this drive to harness the power of cloud storage and artificial intelligence to deliver innovative yet cost-effective solutions come to the fore.”

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